Yafo Houmous Deli, Paris France - Studio Sur Rue

"A noon canteen with soft pastel tones, pink paint, white tile 10 x 10 cm on walls and on tables, contrasted by terracotta colored joints. This Mediterranean "joyeux bordel" embedded with its Millenium pink is discovered after having crossed the door of the facade, deep green. This green and pink duo is found inside, followed by an ultra-matt, khaki-colored concrete. The little touces? Indian warehouses made of aluminum, inside of which, like a grocery store, are stored plates, jars of preserved lemons, chickpeas, bottles of rose water, books of Israeli cooking, etc. Fiberglass-colored trays from Merci, on which we have lunch, and nice mismatched covers from silverware services chipped through the flea markets." - studio sur rue