Uncle, St Kilda Melbourne Australia - Foolscap Studio

"With Dai Duong (Dandelion) and Rene Spence (The Smith) at the helm, Uncle delivers a fresh yet traditionally mastered version of Vietnamese street food. Bar & Rooftop in the bayside precinct of St Kilda. Uncle is a term used throughout Vietnam to show endearment and respect, and similarly, the concept was designed to pay homage to the cultural nuances of Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Balance and harmony was a key factor in the design process, and this reflects the Vietnamese cuisine whereby traditional balance of sweetness, sourness, salt and spice activate the sensorial ritual of each meal. This formulaic balance of the senses can be seen in the ancient regional philosophy of Wu-Xing, where similar elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water combine to create a harmonious whole. These elements were extracted and applied to the interior experience, working towards a total experience that immersed guests. Custom ceramics and applied artworks were developed with local artists to recreate the Vietnamese street scene within a formal frame. The narrative was further illustrated through a divide in the upstairs and downstairs zones: the informal bar channeling the buzz and atmosphere of a Vietnamese streetscape at night, and the upstairs restaurant employing the simplicity and freshness of the Vietnamese countryside. This distinct journey is both narrative driven and provides various offerings. The personality and sociability of the staff complete the experience through conscious service design. Local artists and designers were engaged to help bring the space to life and create an authentic yet contemporary dining experience." - foolscap studio

Posted on May 14, 2016 and filed under interior design.