The Felix Hotel, Sydney Australia - Space Control

"Space Control Design have chosen an Australian version of the ‘mid-century modern’ theme for the interior design of The Felix Hotel at Sydney Airport. The 150 room hotel has inverted the idea of the ‘lobby in the ground foyer’ and so has created a double height glazed penthouse reminiscent of New York’s ‘Boom Boom Room’ overlooking the private jet section of Sydney’s International Airport. The Penthouse check-in area is a breezy modern space rivalling LA’s Standard Hotel franchise. It also serves as a bar, lounge area, conference rooms and outdoor cinema space complete with a gold tiled fireplace. Space Control Design have deliberately chosen a colour palette and furniture selection of copper, pink, green and powder blue referencing the mid-century aesthetic of yesteryear. All rooms have built-in furniture pieces made of compact laminate and steel, custom design pieces including handmade copper light shades evocative of the fifties era and one-off room colourful perspex artwork. We collaborated with fabric designer Kerrie Brown’s to create retro inspired fabric designs and prints for the use in luxurious curtains and cushions throughout the hotel fitout. We also commissioned a series of works depicting Australian legend Ned Kelly from our generation’s answer to Sydney Nolan - Peter Bainbridge. His oversized work on a tri-vison screen punctuates the penthouse lobby. Although Australian-centric The Felix Hotel has a distinct international flavour. It is more than bricks and mortar - it is a successful collaboration with this country’s best designers, artists and artisans. I wanted to create an Australian hotel for travellers from all around the world who could enjoy a slice of Australian design." - space control