The Branning Home, Chicago USA - Home Polish/Megan Born

"For Rian and Laura Branning, both of whom have busy jobs in downtown Chicago (he's a consultant and she's a beer purveyor... um, how cool is that?), the switch from a condo to a suburban 5-bedroom was rough. All of their city furniture fit into their basement family room... all of it. Homepolish's Megan Born designed the home to become an ultimate luxury getaway that is, incredibly, still family-friendly. The dining table is surrounded by fur-covered Lucite chairs. Though they look absolutely chic, the chairs have a functional purpose. (It's easy to clean off little handprints from the clear surface.) Laura unabashedly admits, "In spite of having a kitchen and dining room I love, we get take-out or eat out almost every day." The entryway console, with its striking geometric qualities, pairs nicely with the simple mirror. Though the entryway is simple, it became one of Megan's favorite spaces, especially because, as she says, "That runner is EVERYTHING." Laura's favorite room, by far, is the living room. She says, "The living room feels very feminine but modern and the bright colors really get people's attention when they first walk into the house." Just look at that deeply-colored rug and royal purple chair! We don't care if you're a girl, a guy, you've GOT to love these! The brass-framed mirror was a favorite piece for both Laura and Megan. From the designer's perspective, "I’ve been eyeing the big brass mirror in the living room for a long time and waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it and I finally got to!" On the flip side, Laura says, "The floor mirror is beautiful and really makes a statement in the room. Plus my three-year-old daughter loves it because she has somewhere to practice her ballet." She probably uses the coffee table as a makeshift bar." - homepolish