Sweetea, Manila Philippines - Iris Cantante

"Sweetea´s is an exciting new offering from da.u.de Tea Corporation, known for exotic teas crafted by tea masters. With the Philippines’ first Certified Tea Master Renee Sebastian at its helm, Sweetea’s offers fine quality, custom teas at pocket-friendly price points, with aim of sparking a greater appreciation for tea locally. With the project we wanted not only to solve the space to fit Sweetea´s but also to create the brand image with a smart and unique design. The design is inspired in the Ifugao rice terraces, a landscape that Renee sees as a viable geography for planting premium teas in the Philippines. The heart of the project took shape from a photo of the Banaue Rice Terraces sent to me during the early design phase. We wanted to create a design that was connected with Filipino ethnicity, but with a twist, with a new approach, fresh and bold look. The idea was to create a versatile design, which could be able to generate several configurations of the store. They are selling exotic teas, so we wanted to pass the sassiness of the flavors to the space." - Íris Cantante

Posted on June 3, 2016 and filed under interior design.