Superbaba, Victoria British Columbia - Studio Roslyn

"When Kate Snyder and Jessica MacDonald of Studio Roslyn were hired by the four owners of Superbaba, a high quality, quick-service Middle Eastern restaurant in Victoria, BC, they were charged with bridging the two worlds in a space that was at once comfortable and yet intriguing. The result is a quirky casual destination that is filled with retro references and plenty of modern attitude. Upon entering Superbaba, patrons first notice the contemporary color scheme and midcentury touches running throughout; similar to those that could be found in an old-fashioned Diner which sees varying shades of pink, green and blue are accented with blacks and whites and clean, geometric lines and curves create a flow as well as delineate spaces. Meanwhile, a warm lighting is cast thanks to both the wide window wall at the front of the restaurant, as well as from the globe lamps of varying sizes and lengths hanging from the high ceiling. Middle Easter elements also abound, starting with "The Dallah Menu" which is based on archive dishes from the Lebanese family's history. The designers wanted to strongly tie into the aesthetic typically found in Middle Easter eateries but give it a fresh, exciting twist, hence, elements such as the over-saturated food photography usually on show in donair shops have been updated and given a "surrealist" twist by humorously incorporating people engaging with the food. Neon signage and light boxes are also elements incorporated from the Middle East that give a fun note to the interiors. The blue speckled quartzite used for the countertops, warm wood of the shelves and millwork, as well as the potted plants used throughout, come from what is definitely the most unlikely design inspiration the designers were given: "Details found in every grandmother's home in Lebanon." And yet, the comfortable, homey result is definitely one that meets the mark, both for the family that owns the restaurant as well as for the people they serve. It's a welcoming atmosphere that perfectly accents the warmth and spice of the menu, bridging the old and the new." - yatzer / studio roslyn