Splash, Barcelona Spain - Frederic Perers

"A chain of self-service laundries. We have selected steel as the vertical surface element in the area of washing machines and dryers, which disappear under it. The orange tone, everywhere, reflects in the steel and serves as a warm counter element to the coldness of the metal. The remaining areas are treated with neutral elements: shiny white tiles -commonly used in spaces with water, light coloured floor and a false ceiling made with black vertical plates. The long length lay-out of the floor is interrumpted by counters for folding clothes, the waiting areas, and entertainment zone. At the entrance, neon lights are used as an element of communication and the shop window playfully appears to be supported by clothslines. Graphics by Gemma Alberich and pictures by Pau Faus." - frederic perers

Posted on May 26, 2016 and filed under interior design.