South Kensington Home, London UK - Danielle Moudaber

"the private residence of eclectic and multi talented London based interior designer Danielle Moudaber is a riot of unusual shapes and objects, all set against a dramatic backdrop of soothing blue walls and swirling white decorations. Of Lebanese origin, Moudaber has criss-crossed the world over the years, drawing inspiration from different cultures on the way; as a result, she has developed an idiosyncratic style that brings together contrasting elements to create a sense of surprise and uniqueness. Moudaber’s London home is a two-storey maisonette in an 1870’s Victorian-style building in South Kensington that used to be two separate flats, which she bought at different times. The living space and kitchen on the ground floor are connected to the sleeping areas on the upper floor via a sculptural staircase designed by Moudaber herself (which rather resembles the backbone of some gigantic marine animal). The high-ceiling spaces on both floors were then filled with all sorts of treasures: items again designed by Moudaber (such as the large table and sofas in the living room, the chandeliers in the bedroom, the TV stand in the second bedroom and more), original works of art, as well as antiques and vintage furniture, like for example the large red lights over the sofa which once adorned a 1940‘s bank." - yatzer

Posted on June 28, 2015 and filed under interior design.