Shugaa, Bangkok Thailand - Party Space Design

"Dessert Restaurant Ekamai (Sukhumvit 61) SHUGAA room for dessert French dessert made in Thailand. Looking to offer innovative features and Fondant dessert in disguise with the origins and ingredients of sugar into SHUGAA room for dessert. The design is The interpretation of sugar by the search. Down to the crystalline atomic structure of sugar, causing the model and the main idea of HUGAA outside of the building, showing the structure of the sugar Fa├žade polygon from crystals using lumber in to fill the space, the store does not look afraid. too Paired with a mint green surrounded by shops. And add luxury and modern. Marble bar counter White and Rose Gold The various elements within. In the first zone area on the ground floor of a seat to eat candy bars, dessert ideas that have come from the crystal causes a Polygon cause dimensional and can be created in a new novel. The team also designed a translucent crystalline forms as well, including the United Tom lantern hanging on a rose gold. And the area is also connected by a spiral staircase that was built up from a sugar cube is made of acrylic. Between class 1 and class 2, which is the highlight of this restaurant that has it all. Then up to the top floor via a link on the top of the bar to help customers. The dessert plate photographic process from a top chef. The last zone is the area of he second floor seat desserts that are private and can alter the function of the space to be provided at the Workshop Fondant Fondant dessert to learn how to bake it." - party space design

Posted on December 11, 2016 and filed under interior design.