Roman, Paris France - Batiik Studio

"The originality of this project lies in the customized construction of a modular furniture that can transform both in bed, couch and dining table. A platform is built under the kitchen modules to slide a drawer that can be both bed option, that sofa. When it is fully retracted, it releases space for a dining room. Just then unfold the kitchen counter and turn it into a large table for 4 guests and add two high stools. This tip is possible thanks to two solid portions of the counter to serve as foot opening to support the mobile part of the plateau. Three large roof windows have been preserved to fully illuminate the entire room, especially enjoying the new corner office. The surface of the wooden counter separating the kitchen from the multipurpose space, has been perforated to let the most of light and perceive the depth of the house. This treatment was also used for some storage doors to reduce the sensation of silos and front of the radiator for aesthetic and use. The walls of the pond, painted midnight blue, emphasize the volume of the only enclosed space of the studio and the coffee table, also used for storage, recalls its color and slant of the room. At the entrance, a large closet was fitted into the wall to simplify the volume of space and maximize storage space. Fitted wardrobes painted medium deploy the entire length of the sub-slope, at the bottom, and become a nightstand drawer at the bed.A safe was also hidden under the platform of the kitchen and the radiator, camouflaged against a wall of the entrance, has identified a small vacuum-pocket tablet." - batiik studio