Proti Proudu (Bistro Upstream), Karlin Prague - Mimosa Architects

"Current and connection are the main themes of interior bistro upstream in Prague's Karlín. Inspiration Karlín innovator in electrical obklasti - Frantisek Krizik - melted with the idea of linking through good coffee and great food. Main bar wall from white plywood perforated grid is formed, on which all elements are attached to the wall of the guide wires after the targets described role daily menu. The network of wires radiating from behind the counter switches the lights above the tables visible link between the operator and guests. The lights are controlled individually deployment of switches in a grid wall behind the counter overwrites the deployment of lights in the room. The lights on and off with arriving and departing guests, with each opening of the front door with bistro and a little warm up. The texture of plywood is dim reflection of the pattern of the stone floor, as well as oak counter tops and individual tables. Steel elements is left to nature of the raw black iron. The exception is the only console with rusty motto that rust will not jeopardize IN COFFEE WE TRUST." - mimosa architects 

Posted on October 23, 2015 and filed under interior design.