Parc D'Atencions @ Vall D'Hebron University Hospital, Barcelona Spain - Toormix

"Design of the new Children‘s Daytime Oncology and Hematology Center at Vall d’Hebron University Hospital (Barcelona). A project created by the Small Foundation and materialized by donations from different institutions, foundations and individuals. This is a global project in which we developed the naming, brand design and visual code, service design and user experience of the different areas. The new Daytime Hospital has been divided into three different spaces: the natural environment, the universe and the racing circuit. We have defined this new Daytime hospital as a “Parc d’Atencions” –“Care Park”– (a wordplay with the definition of an amusement park in catalan, a friendly environment for the youngests). The “Care Park“ is a place where young patients and their families receive all kind of cares and attention: medical, personal and emotional. The new Daytime Hospital has been divided into three different spaces: the natural environment (the waiting room designed for three different publics: child, teenagers and parents), the universe (the area of medical consultations) and the racing circuit (the boxes and treatment area). We worked with wood and natural materials, non-invasive decorative elements and warm lighting design trying to create a friendly environment for patients and the medical crew working daily on it. Within the design service exercise we’ve conceptualized and designed different areas where to find complicity between people (table/co-work area), playground area at the scale of the younger patients (cottage) and the pouff areas for teenage patients. We have designed a friendly environment to make a more nice and enjoyable experience for all type of patients in a delicate situation, where calm colors and indirect and natural lighting predominates." - toormix

Posted on April 15, 2016 and filed under interior design.