One Ocean Club Restaurant, Barcelona Spain - Elequipo Creativo

"Our client was looking for a classic restaurant that offered a relaxed atmosphere, with a menu of high - level international clients. The proposed design attempts to recreate the Mediterranean atmosphere within the space, warm, soft, romantic, but far from imaginary Mediterranean topics. The result is a timeless and modern space that tries to blend the indoors with the outdoor terrace and these with the stunning views of OneOcean Port Vell. The aim of the project is to enhance the views and surround the client with the specific scenic qualities of location over water. Sitting in the restaurant should be like sitting on the deck of a yacht looking at sunset. The architecture of the building made us think immediately in a pavilion , an indoor-outdoor space with only a few vertical elements, a sunscreen lattice and the views more amazing around us. The verticality of the structure made us think of the forest of masts Marina, we tried to reproduce inside. With the use of reflective surfaces on the roof of the restaurant, we refer to the calm waters of the port and the shell boats and amplify spatial perception as we bring the exterior landscape inside. the materiality of these roof elements, like the general environment of space, finds inspiration in classic and elegant boats J-class. the sun protection in the form of lattice made us think in Mediterranean, fresh, green and cozy greenhouses. In our project, the terraces are treated as above water Mediterranean greenhouses. The greenery is Climbing plants such as ivy reaffirms the verticality we are looking for and refers to the Mediterranean patios and seaweed. The bathrooms invite us to travel through time and Mediterranean. Old navigation charts, stellar constellations and mythological characters of Mediterranean culture appear as lines of light on a black background, to accompany and guide us on this journey across the sea, dark and mysterious." - elequipo creativo