North Perth Apartment , Perth Australia - Simon Pendal Architect

"Located at the end of a 1990s reproduction Georgian Mews in North Perth, this renovation reimagines a two storey townhouse interior and a modest, high walled north-facing brick courtyard. The new interior was developed on two principal fronts, firstly to accept and occasionally embellish the decorative parts of the original interior – ornate skirtings, ceiling roses, cornices and plasterwork – and treat each of the spaces as ‘castings’, and secondly to intensify these ‘cast’ spaces through the use of a single colour per room on floors, walls and ceilings. Diaphanous linen curtains have been added to all external windows and openings allowing the harsh light of Perth to be tempered and in certain rooms become almost fog-like. Key moments of top light are introduced and transitions between rooms are amplified by vivid colour change. Immersion within the coloured rooms (white for bedrooms, emerald green for the kitchen, black within niche spaces and the dressing room and Prussian blue for the upper sitting room) suspends people and things, orchestrates a powerful sequence from one space to the next and correlates to a specific atmosphere with each room’s intended use. The courtyard was emptied-out and re-clarified as a high-walled brick room addressing the dining room, kitchen and sky. A new brick floor with crushed fines border was introduced. Ficus Pimula has been extensively planted around its perimeter so that in time its walls will be awash in soft green foliage." - simon pendal architect