No57 Cafe, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates - Anarchitect

"In 2012, two female Emirati entrepreneurs co‐founded The Dinner Club by No.57. An unusual dining concept held in unexpected locations transformed into pop‐up event spaces for a group of people to enjoy a meal by invitation only.  Anarchitect were challenged with the task to create the Clients first permanent space. Rather than replicating the exclusivity and secrecy, we chose to create a new social and culinary experience. With the now Award Winning boutique cafe, Anarchitect explored new concepts of a No.57 lunch and casual coffee situation that captured the original essence of what the clients had created.  We planned the spaces around three core social areas and curated a simple and refined palette of materials used throughout the space. We combined Carrara marble, solid oak, concrete and black‐powder coated metal in different compositions which defined a character for each of the main spaces." - anarchitect