Mr Hyde, Madrid Spain - Casa Josephine

"Between mathematics and metaphysics, that is the ground on which Casa Josephine has moved in her latest project, the headquarters of the advertising agency Mr. Hyde in Madrid. "It's a corner corner of a protected building from the beginning of the twentieth that, after many lives -from a bar to a motorcycle workshop-, little remained of its original appearance", explains Íñigo Aragón, founder of the studio with Pablo López. With the help of the brother of the first, the architect Rodrigo Aragón, they went to the Archive of the Villa to rescue the plans and discovered that the windows were wider, and that there were even two blinds to a patio. "We got a clear and bright space with a meeting room, another work presided over by an enormous maple table designed by Espacio Brut , another for presentations, an office and bathrooms", says Rodrigo. All this covered by a visual game of mosaic tiles , and separated by metallic curtains and walls. "We were inspired by the 80s but updating them, with postmodern arcs, primary colors, geometries ...", says Pablo. To this style they added his filias: the classic Italy, the pictures of Giorgio de Chirico and the surrealism. "With the hydraulics we composed a canvas on the floor that unites and separates the areas, and on the walls we draw trompe-l'oeil windows with shadows, so present in the works of the painter," they point out. The rest is completed with domestic touches, such as lamps of the seventies and new invoice created by them, midcentury ceramics, contemporary cabinetry or chairs by Achille Castiglioni ... It is proven, aesthetics favors creativity." - casa josephine / ad spain