Mjr Tom, Collingwood Melbourne - Brolly Studios

"engaging Brolly Studios to design the fit-out, with a relatively simple brief: “A place that fills from front to back during the day, and vice versa at night.”Thus, Mjr Tom is split into two main areas: a cosy front cafe dominated by tables and benches, and a big standing-room bar out back. “What actually convinced us to buy the place was the little tunnel area just outside the kitchen,” Tsiaples says, referring to the passageway which connects the two spaces. “You walk through a tunnel and you’re in a great big tall-ceilinged bar.” When the team started thinking about the concepts of front-to-back and back-to-front, their minds naturally jumped to something related: inside-out. So like Night at The Roxbury’s inside-out club, Mjr Tom brings external materials indoors, with raw ply the dominant feature. Downstairs there’s a bluestone-lined basement and a pool table, which can convert to a private dining room." - broadsheet melbourne