Minna Parikka's Home, Helsinki Finland

"There are seven months of gloomy weather in Helsinki. But in the world of Minna Parikka, the shoe designer behind those playful bunny trainers you've seen on the feet of celebs like Cara Delevingne and Kylie Jenner, grey doesn't have a place. Parikka's home might be right in the heart of her home city, but stepping inside is like being transported to a universe uniquely Minna — and that was exactly her intent. "I wanted to create a home that looks 100% like me and that does not follow the usual Nordic home design. I wanted it to be fresh, fun, and adventurous, but still comfortable and functional," says Parikka. "I love creating worlds that are filled with fantasy and escape from the mundane."Parikka's design skills know no bounds: she designed all the interiors herself with the same childlike wonder and practical functionality as her shoe designs. "There is nothing worse than a beautiful shoe that is impossible to wear or a unique home that makes every day more difficult," she says. The apartment's fluid layout is what attracted her to it in the first place; she could see it seamlessly accommodating her lifestyle. "I was immediately drawn to the high thatched ceiling of the upstairs open-plan living room and kitchen area and the tranquil downstairs bedroom and workspace," Parikka says.While there's no lack of color and pattern, Parikka means it when she says her home is hyper-functional. In typical Finnish fashion, there is virtually no clutter and everything is there for a purpose. "One of my favorite details is the TV cabinet that is masqueraded as a piece of art. The illustration of Ziggy Stardust by the fabulous NY-London based illustrator duo Craig & Karl," she says.Although picking a favorite spot is near-impossible, the pink monochromatic bedroom definitely tops her list. "The furniture is made to order: the bed and the padded leather headboard wall, fitted closets, bedside tables and the window shutters. Not to mention the pink carpet or even the ceiling," says Parikka. "The inspiration for the bedroom came from the totally pink Sketch restaurant in London."While there's not much about the apartment that pays tribute to traditional Finnish design, there's one thing that she couldn't forgo: "I love a sauna. It is the best way to relax after a long flight or day at work. It is common to have one in Finnish houses. It is the luxury of everyday life," she says of the bathroom's sleek built-in sauna.While switching from shoes to interiors is never an easy transition, Parikka wouldn't make a single change to her renovation. "I love designing interiors. I wish to keep the house as it is. It resembles my taste now and everything has its place. I don't need to buy even one more object for it." Hey, if the shoe fits." - elle decor / minna parikka