Melburnian II, Melbourne Australia - Studio Tate

"The Melburnian II was another complete renovation of a smaller residential apartment in the same complex, following a very successful penthouse renovation for the same clients. Acknowledging that good things can very often come in small packages, we borrowed from the idea of a jewellery box to create a compact and fabulous space filled with many special elements. Opening a jewellery box is always a moment of discovery (or rediscovery), and Studio Tate injected that same element of fascination throughout this home, with lots of hidden surprises concealed within the apartment’s surfaces. Details reflect the delicate shades and textures of a felt-lined treasure trove, with wallpaper lining the walk-in robe in delicate grey and pink. The bathroom is a soft cocoon with a delicate pink painted ceiling, accented with black-veined pink marble. Appliance cupboards have grey Corian lining, while other drawers, shelves and cupboards are lined in navy and pink accent colours. The jewel itself is a bevelled island bench in the kitchen in grey marble, the diamond shape giving it a gem-like form. The filigree detail of jewellery box latches and hinges has also found its way into the design, with gleaming, metallic features. Brass handles become sculptural objects in themselves, and this finish has also been used to make a statement with hinges, door levers and joinery pulls in various rooms. The adjustable make-up station mirror is also edged with brass trim, with brass details for storing cosmetics and fragrance. A hinged bedhead also brings in the comforting glow of this metal. The colour palette has been built around the judicious application of striking, bold tones: navy blue carpets, doors and skirting provide warmth and drama without constraining the volumes. Each element of this project was an exercise in detail. We think of it like the clasp on a luxury handbag – subtle notes of luxury that speak volumes. Picking up on our client’s love of black and white, we made this is a central theme throughout the apartment, such as the chevron tile with black stone border in the master ensuite. Other special touches include the powder room with sumptuous pink-veined green marble, pink pendant lamp and bronze mirror trim. Custom features are found in panelling on the kitchen and living areas, detail on the ceiling strapping and distinctive lighting choices." - studio tate