Joseph Whang Installation, New York US - Patrik Ervell

"Patrik Ervell repurposes industrial materials for a new installation at the iconic ‘opening ceremony’ store in New York. Ervell collaborated with designer Joseph Whang to create the temporary display which showcases pieces from his fall/winter 2017 collection. The temporary installation showcases fashion pieces and continues the aesthetic of the runway show. The design consists of two glass vitrines placed in front of a false wall constructed from standard building materials. Unfinished wood and pink fiberglass insulation foam are paired to create a funky yet industrial appearance. The pink foam echoes the pink filling of the iconic puffer jacket in the vitrine. The pink insulation foam was in fact the original inspiration for the puffer jacket displayed in the store. The foam and wood panels are arranged in an intentional alternating grid which recalls modernist art. Using simple materials, Ervell creates a ‘grand romantic gesture’. The store is turned into a ‘cloud of pink foam’ which links the installation to the runway presentation of fall/winter 2017. the display continues Ervell’s ongoing theme of repurposing industrial materials. For his runway show, Ervell explored ‘the new age and sci-fi–infused aesthetic of the early U.K. rave scene‘. a similar tone is reflected in the shop display. The intentional grid alludes to Ervell’s fascination with both modernist art and Piet Mondrian. The glass vitrines create a simple and refined display case for iconic pieces of the collection. The pink puffer jacket was first showcased as the highlight of Ervell’s fall/winter 2017 runway presentation." - design boom