Jackson-Sutton Residence, Australia - Smart Design Studio

"The transformation of the Harbour Masters house, built by convicts in 1832, commenced with a briefing centred on a Farrow & Ball fan deck. Our clients, who clearly had a passion for bold colour, sought to invigorate their home with a selection of modern and antique furniture and a brave attitude to colour. For the living room, which was dark with low ceilings, we custom made a striking ceiling light ‘artwork’, inspired by French artist Guy de Cointet. Breathing light and life into this otherwise traditional room, a full-gloss white, floating panel was mounted with mitred cornered, state-of-the-art LED lighting. To accentuate the drama, the walls and ceiling were painted a rich turquoise, with pewter accents and waxed woodwork. These elements combined, create a tension between old and new and give the room a distinctive character, creating an extra-ordinary energy... One of our design challenges was to make a happy space, in a windowless room destined to become the kitchen and centre of the home. The existing staircase, repainted a lively apple green that was discovered in scraping back the layers of paint, was then complemented to great effect with matt teal paint on the timber-clad walls and ceiling. Illumination comes from a simple mitred LED halo, above the benchtop, that mirrors the form of the Corian kitchen island. The result is complex and dynamic, classic and contemporary, vibrant and ordered." - smart design studio

Posted on January 26, 2016 and filed under interior design.