HOH x Zuber - House Of Hackney

“House of Hackney’s co-founder, Frieda Gormley, first came across the French wallpaper house, Zuber, via a photograph of interior designer Franz Potisek’s bathroom on the cover of World of Interiors’ September 2012 issue. It was love at first sight. The image shows a capacious bathroom covered in an exuberant 1960s bamboo wallpaper design in an unexpected palette of grey and blue. “This was the picture that led me down a rabbit hole of researching this incredible wallpaper brand,” explains Frieda who, growing up a “complete wallpaper fanatic”, couldn’t believe she’d not heard of them sooner. Not long after, the same wallpaper appeared in Frieda’s path once more, sealing her admiration for the brand and even going on to inspire one of House of Hackney’s own prints. Fast forward five years and Zuber were still firmly on Frieda’s radar. “I had the idea of working on a collaboration, so I got in touch with Zuber to find out more about them. It felt like they were an undiscovered secret waiting to be shown off to a new generation of wallpaper consumers.” Jean Zuber founded the company in 1797 in response to the growing popularity of luxury hand painted papers for the interiors of aristocratic households across Europe and America. Their panoramic murals depicted intricate scenes set in India, Japan and the American civil war. The brand continued to accrue eminent fans such as Jacqueline Kennedy who famously redecorated The White House using $12,000 worth of French wallpaper in the 1960s. Today the factory still uses the age-old techniques and original woodblocks – there are approximately 150,000 in total – that were first engraved between 1797 and 1830. Today, Zuber is the world’s last manufacturer still using these methods.” - house of hackney