Hex Coffee + Side Tables - Haldane Martin

"From bees' honeycombs to the Giant's Causeway, hexagonal structures are common phenomena in nature because of their inherent nesting efficiency. Haldane Martin’s Hex range of brass tables adapts this iconic shape in various sizes and heights. The 6 coffee and side tables can be arranged in a variety of interesting hexagonal patterns, and can also be nested efficiently underneath one another when packed away. An orthographic projection of a shaded cube has been machined into the warm, honey-coloured solid brass tops to create an attractive reflective surface pattern. These also provide a visual guide in making creative arrangements or nesting the tables away. The tops and bases are simply screwed onto the solid brass engineering hex bar legs with brass screws. This means that the tables can be flat-packed for efficient shipping all over the world. The tables are made from waterjet cut and machined brass that has been clear lacquered, which prevents tarnishing." - haldane martin

Posted on September 9, 2015 and filed under interior design.