Clock House, London UK - Archmongers

"The Clock House is a revitalised 1960s mid-terrace building in Finsbury Park, London with a remodelled interior and rear extension. The former layout gave rise to constrained spaces due to an integrated garage and upper-floor kitchen. This has been recalibrated to unlock the ground floor into the main living space. Internal walls have been pierced to connect and brighten the central stair, while the project has made use of a wide palette of materials including glass bricks, terrazzo, tiles, rubber and plywood. Full-width windows were replaced with new glazing to reduce frames. The brick and timber extension includes a glass elevation with a window seat that opens into a garden of blue brick planters and paving. The elevation supports pre-cast concrete gutters and a naturally insulated green roof. The project derives its name from the brain-coloured clock tile on the building fa├žade, which was commissioned from a Cotswold pottery." - archmongers