Brklyn, Adelaide South Australia - Sans Arc Studio

"A multi-use venue, centred around a New-York style loft bar, with a short trip through Brooklyn to get there. The client’s brief called for a Brooklyn, New York theme Multi-use venue, including a bar, radio broadcasting lab, barbershop and food offering. The site was previously occupied by the radio-broadcaster, with an under-utilised bar adjacent and a couple of ramshackle work-spaces. The project re-creates a street in the character-filled borough of NY, where multiple functions are woven into a coherent and unique space. The form and layout acknowledge the daily movements of life in Brooklyn, of commuting, climbing stairs, turning corners and eventually getting to your destination and sitting back with a view. The materials reference the streets of New York, adjusting the vernacular style to suit a different context. Collaboration with Peculiar Familiar centred around the shopfronts and colour palettes, aiming to ensure that signage and graphics blending seamlessly with the interior design." - sans arc studio

Posted on October 18, 2016 and filed under interior design.