Bri Emery 'DesignLoveFest' House, Los Angeles US - Emily Henderson

"Bri Emery is the blogger genius behind 'Design Love Fest' and Blogshop) and Arian her boyfriend, is the videographer/ filmmaker, Modshift, who shoots a lot of my, Joy’s and Bri’s videos — plus a lot of high end companies. They are quite the creative couple and needed a really creatively inspiring space. Bri and I struck a trade; I’d do her living/dining room and she’ re-design my web-site/blog. What they wanted: bright, airy, calm, grown up, unique, inspiring, and happy. Oh and to somehow minimize the importance of all the media — the TV, speakers, stacks of DVDs, etc. All the usual “dude” stuff. Her style is pretty modern and graphic, but with big hits of color, some girly lines, but ultimately despite how feminine she seems, she wanted it to be balanced with a lot of masculine lines and colors." - emily henderson