Brenda Vidal Apartment, São Paulo Brazil - RSRG Architects + Ana Strumpf

"The multi-bedecked apartment of Brazilian jewelry designer, Brenda Vidal, is a beacon of comfortable, bohemian chic in the center of a big city. Located on São Paulo's Ibiapinopolis Street, the renovation of this family home was orchestrated by Ana Strumpf in collaboration with RSRG Architects and was completed in 2015. The large, sweeping layout of the bright, sunlit space could easily lend itself to an austere, minimal décor scheme; however this apartment seems to have been created with a much more personal note than that in mind. There is so much to look at; everywhere the eye roves it is met with something so particular and extraordinary that it could easily be a stand-alone piece. Yet everything - the multitude of varying furniture styles, colors, textures, patterns, and knick knacks - creates a cohesive front, as if it is all a part of a particular palate. The most obvious takeaways are all of the colors and patterns that have a presiding presence in each of the rooms. But it's not just a single color or a single pattern; rather layers of colors and patterns seem to play against each other to form a harmonious symphony while each room also seems to share its own "color theme." Take for instance, the study. Surrounding the jewelry designer's overflowing work desk and shelving units - brimming with notepads, sketchpads, markers, books, fabrics and inspirations - one of the walls is sheathed in a sea-foam green, floral patterned wallpaper and practically nothing is hanging on it. Meanwhile, the wall adjacent to this one is painted the same predominant shade of sea-foam green, but it acquires its "texture" from the multitude of hanging, framed watercolor works, arranged along its length. In the living room, another "theme" abounds, this one backed by the pink-painted, artwork-strung wall that is the definite center stage of the space. Black and white patterns mellow the tone, seen in the multi-patterned sofa, cushions and entertainment unit along another wall, as do the comfortable-looking, tan, leather armchairs. The large, colorful painting hanging over the large white sofa fronting the bright window allows the sunlight to stream through its canvas, breathing yet another element of color throughout. The family's private bedrooms have been tailored to suit each particular taste, proving that this apartment is a gloriously personal project that perfectly suits its residents’ busy lifestyle while affording them a grounding base and a safe haven among the hustle and bustle of São Paulo." - RSRG Architects + Ana Strumpf