Bloom In Town, Bari Italy - Diorama

"Tropical atmosphere, sophisticated materials and tailor-made details: an astonishing environment where refined tropical-chic interiors meet a mixology bar and an international-cuisine restaurant, combining personality and gastronomy. Designed by the Italian studio Diorama, in the heart of Molfetta, Italy, BIT is a cozy and relaxed location, a place where refinement and attention to details are lively combined with the warm tropical taste: precious brushed brass surfaces, greyish sheet panels concealed in emerald green, rattan furnishings and botanical details. Inside an ancient stone building carefully restored, the location is divided into three distinct environments, each of different sizes, furnishing and reception arrangements. The main room houses a counter of ten meters, in front of a fifth in black and brass metal. The jungalow atmosphere is complemented by wallpapers and fabrics inspired by the plant and animal world, combined with the black and white optical and neon signs specifically created for BIT. Inspired by the Havana alleys, the second space is more compressed and gathered, with a more informal touch. The third room pays a tribute to the local traditions, with stone vaults and rich vegetation accompanied by peculiar mirrors, ornamental plates, large themed prints, lamps and souvenirs from around the world. All the furnishings were made by skilled local craftsmen, from the counter to the bottle display, from the tables to the sofas, after carefully detailed studies. To make lamps, architects reused traditional objects such as the “fiscoli” (old coconut-fiber disks used for the olive-pressing) and transformed them into large lamp shades, they also curved long brass strips to make scenic bright crowns. The vision of the architect Serena L. Rosato, with the collaboration of the architect Andrea Paone, has created a fresh, recognizable, functional and exclusive project in line with the customer's request." - diorama

Posted on October 10, 2017 and filed under interior design.