BB x HH - Bec Brittain + Hilda Hellstrom

"this collaboration between Bec Brittain and Hilda Hellström stems from an appreciation of each other's contrasts, and a belief that they could be melded and compliment each other. Hilda's practice is very hands on, embracing the natural variance in her process and her materials, resulting in each piece being slightly different than the others. She works volumetrically, building up forms with her signature and unique use of Jesmonite and then manipulating each to her vision.Bec, by contrast, works in a more engineered way, designing intricate parts for manufacture. She views these pieces as her “kit of parts” from which she creates a multitude of forms. Bec approaches form less volumetrically than Hilda, using LED tubes as lines of light to draw with, or the repetition of planar forms to create a volume. It is these differing approaches to form and process which gives an opportunity for these new pieces – Bec's more airy and linear sense of form creates a space in which Hilda's more volumetric pieces are framed and showcased. Hilda's more organic sensibility balances Bec's more precise and mechanical one." - bec brittain 

Posted on August 3, 2015 and filed under interior design.