Apartment With Deer, Kiev Ukraine - Alena Yudina

"This project (apartment in Kiev) has its own unique and particular character. Decorative deer, fir trees and strawberry gives us a breath of fresh air. Monochromic range, cold colors, simple lines and uncluttered furnishings – permanent evenness that is what distinguishes this apartment.  Contrast of black and white with leather and linen elements as well as using wood textures help to make visual cleanliness. Each of these elements find his place in every room. There are not a lot of details, but such as lace curtains with roses and ribbons on the cushions make it not just apartment in modern style but apartment with elegant interior. The most artistic element of the apartment are deer, paintings stand alone on the floor and hang on the walls in oak-frame, designed by artist from Kiev Katya Berlova." - alena yudina

Posted on March 11, 2016 and filed under interior design.