African Influenced Apartment, Odintsovo Russia - SHKAF Architects

"Moscow-based architectural studio SHKAF Architects designed the interior of a 46 square meter (approx. 495 square foot) flat in the town of Odintsovo for a young man who desired a neutral interior with African influences. The project consisted of designing a living room with a kitchen, a study, and a bedroom, all of which reflected the client’s travels around Africa. The wooden floors installed reference the color of sand, which is juxtaposed with elements of black and white, as well as various textures. The client’s own accessories were used throughout, adding a layer of adornment to the otherwise scaled back space. The white panels on the wall were inspired by dry, cracked ground and add texture to flat surface. The same textured panels were used in the bedroom in place of a headboard." - shkaf architects / design milk