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Hues Hair Richmond, Melbourne Australia - Adriana Hanna

“The client for Hues Hair came to architect Adriana Hanna with a pragmatic brief and few preconceived ideas of what the space could be. Despite a tight budget and timeframe, the client’s trust allowed Hanna to charge forward with her thrilling design. Located in a suburb flooded with competing salons, Hues Hair is unlike any other in the streetscape. In fact, it’s unlike a typical Melbourne salon altogether. Keen to avoid the usual salon window tack, where customers are displayed as if they were visual merchandise, Hanna looked to create a much more private and intimate experience. With the salon’s clientele largely garnered by word of mouth rather than passing foot traffic, Hues Hair has an intentionally quiet street presence. Its modest storefront creates a sense of exclusivity – only those in the know would realize that the storefront conceals a hair salon behind its doors. The hair stations are not visible from the street, but organized across the tenancy as a series of seemingly randomly placed objects. In fact, the three-sided hair stations are located with calculated purpose, positioned to obscure views to and from each station, ensuring a sense of privacy for individual clients. Citing Memphis Group founder Ettore Sottsass and contemporary Melbourne-based artist Emily Floyd as influences, Hanna injected the interior with a playful use of colour and simple geometric forms. Imbued with only two colours, peach (which Hanna’s research suggested was the most flattering tone for the complexion) and forest green, the salon’s interior gains a sense of order and unity. The two colours are applied with deep consideration, sharpening the geometric forms and clarifying the visual reading of positive and negative space. The ceiling grid was retained due to budget restraints, but its regular and rational geometry is reinforced by green paint over a peach backdrop and maps the warped coordinates of the hair stations beneath it. The geometric forms appear at varying scales. Narrow pointed archways are overlapped with oversized circles, triangles and arches. When you look at these oversized forms, which are flattened by the use of the peach and forest green, your understanding of scale and depth becomes dislocated. It’s only the Paola Navone Eumenes chairs that help you identify how these forms relate to the human scale or suggest the possibility of habitation. As you traverse from one space to another, the perception of the colours shifts. What looks peach in one room appears white in the next – a visual game reminiscent of James Turrell’s work. Mirrors, which are essential to every salon, are also instrumental to the design. Influenced by installation artist Jeppe Hein, Hanna has used mirrors to visually complete geometries of half forms, confusing the eye between the physical and the reflected. Between the pure geometries, the strict use of colour and the deceptive use of reflection, the interior, riddled with visual games, has a hyper-stylized feel that has more in common with a gallery space or installation than a typical hair salon. The thrilling visual playground that Hues Hair offers sets it apart from any other salon.” - adriana hanna / architectureau

The Daily Edited Flagship Store, Melbourne Australia - Pattern Studio

"The recently opened Melbourne flagship store for The Daily Edited is a delicate balance of sweet sophistication and cool minimalism. While the brand is largely an e-commerce venture, the new Melbourne flagship was developed to offer customers the opportunity to visit and linger in a physical space, becoming immersed in a truly bespoke environment. In response to the store’s modest floor area (60sqm) decorative, ornamental elements were stripped away leaving a few key design pieces to stand comfortably and confidently as focal points within the space. The volume of the store is accentuated by an illuminated datum line which creates a greater sense of height and spaciousness. Custom-designed joinery elements including a natural stone table and point of sale bench take pride of place and double as precious, covetable objects. Themes including rapidly advancing technology and the intangible qualities of e-commerce were a source of inspiration, influencing the forms and detailing throughout the interior.The design includes a subtle nod to space-age, futuristic aesthetics; soft light emits from behind the curvaceous walls and integrated joinery units. A sweeping curve wraps the interior from the entry in and around the four walls of the store. A reductive material palette including Norwegian rose marble, white terrazzo, and terracotta-tinged pink feels feminine but not fussy. While pink is undoubtedly the hero, the aesthetic leans toward a refined kind of grown up-cool." - pattern studio

Medley Pharmacy, Brooklyn USA - Sergio Mannino Studio

"Medly Pharmacy is a new neighborhood pharmacy in Brooklyn, owned by Marg and Sahaj Patel and designed by Sergio Mannino Studio. In a city of more than 8.5 million people, it’s no surprise that the simple act of visiting a pharmacy is often an impersonal experience. Because there’s one of every corner, it is incredibly convenient - but chances are, you won’t know who’s serving you. In a society of such high import and export, you’re also spoilt for choice when it comes to which brand, which flavor and even which size of product to buy. Medly Pharmacy aims to remedy this through a slightly different approach. Being the first location in a series of pharmacies, we knew that the space needed to look beautiful. The design is both playful and elegant; a buffed cement counter with clean geometric tiles as part of a light aqua colour scheme.  The pharmacy consists of two rooms; a cozy waiting room where customers collect prescriptions, and a much larger space out the back, where the administration and prescription work is done. The waiting room is comfortably-sized and provides an escape from the busy city streets outside. As community is a key value of Medly pharmacy, we ensured our design was tailored to include this. The nature of the small space means that customers will instinctively connect with each other and with the staff, unlike larger pharmacies that inadvertently separate people through high aisles and sheer size. Medly also have an easy to use, complementary app that customers can use to have prescriptions delivered directly to their door.  Owning ten pharmacies already, Marg and Sahaj have ample experience with what makes these often clinical places warmer, more comfortable and more community-focused for customers and staff alike. We’re happy to have been able to design this space to suit the values that we believe in too." - sergio mannino studio

Sneaker District Kloosterstraat, Antwerp Belgium - Barde + Vanvoltt

"We were asked to take full creative lead in designing Sneaker District’s second physical store. This included signage, interior and exterior design, lighting, product display, bespoke furniture and storage. For the design of Sneaker District Antwerp, we were inspired by sneaker design, the neighborhood and how sneakers are made. This resulted in a stand-out store showcasing a strong dark grey base on top of a concrete floor combining color, different materials, a touch of nature and some savvy street styles." - barde + vanvoltt

Doctor Manzana, Valencia Spain - Masquespacio

"The history from Doctor Manzana and Masquespacio started during the summer of 2013 when their founders Fran and Reyes commissioned the creative consultancy to redesign their brand and create their first point of sale. Being the brand specialized in iPhone reparations and mobile phone accessories, above other accessories for smartphones, the brand reinvention focused mainly on the 54 degrees angle of touch screens. That angle was applied both to the brand as well as to the interior design, besides four different colors: green and blue as a reference to the doctor, salmon for the fashionistas and purple for the geeks. Metal on the other hand adds an industrial touch that reminds us of the laboratories. For the second store Masquespacio sought to maintain the brands’ identity already marked during the first project, offering a new custom-made design that could be recognized by Doctor Manzana’s actual clients and at the same time propose a completely different design for this new point of sale. Thereby we can still recognize the 54 degrees angles, colors and materials, but giving more importance to the metal finishes. Above, compared with the first store, additional elements have been added to propose a better service related to storage and the change of the kind of products on sale. To be highlighted is the space that will serve for workshops and talks, that is completely separated from the store and includes the Doctor Workshop high stool chair designed by Masquespacio and that will be the first official product sold directly through Masquespacio below their sub-brand Mas Creations." - masquespacio

Malababa, Madrid Spain - Ciszak Dalmas + Matteo Ferrari

"Spanish accessories brand Malababa is opening up a new space in Madrid’s Serrano 8, where its structure symbolizes and reproduces the firm’s identity features: light, texture, colour and shapes. It is in itself a return to their roots, where raw beauty’s natural sense gets stablished as different, authentic and truly attractive. Everything in Serrano 8 Malababa calls for an authenticity which becomes more beautiful within time. And this is precisely one of Malababa’s mantras. Founders of Malababa Ana Carrasco and Jaime Lara, together with design and architecture studios Ciszak Dalmas and Matteo Ferrari, have joined forces day after day to materialise the dream of Malababa at Serrano 8. The result is a space that has been built the same way their products are: with passion, consistency, honesty and sustainability. A retreat that breathes creativity and a total involvement of all team members. The “imperfect finish” and natural hues of Malababa’s aesthetics strengthen the artisan and sustainable concept. All walls are rendered with a mix of Galician clay, white marble powder from Almería and totally natural, ecological and non-toxic food thickeners. This kind of finish regulates air moisture and temperature and maintains the space free of bacteria and harmful microorganisms, as well as considerable helping save energy throughout the year. Malababa at Serrano 8 is born as a space full of soul, with an identity that allows it to adapt to changes and endure through times. The store furniture pieces mobile modules that can be combined and rebuilt as needed. They have been manufactured using limestone from Seville, aged brass and beautiful moss agate. Some of them are lined using the same leather that is used for manufacturing some of the Malababa collections. Behind the lattice structure, there is a great team job. The tiles have been placed one by one by all involved members and they have that welcoming warmth of traditional craftsmanship. These bricks have been artisanally manufactured in Toledo with mud from Extremadura quarries, baked in an H2G oven, 100% ecological, using biomass as fuel. The ecocement coating some of the store interiors is sustainable and it is guaranteed by international certificates such as the German Emicode, which certifies low volatile compound –VOC- emissions in building materials. And, this way, as if the brand’s designs would have become space, emerges a spectacular leather courtain which covers one of the internal walls. This decorative item has been manufactured by Malababa master craftsman Osvaldo Ruben Thomas, with entire pieces of vegetally tanned cowhide leather, the same that is used in the Métrica accessories collection. Although not only leather is present in every corner of the store, the agate crystals that make Minihontas and Nanohontas bags come alive are also one of the unifying threads. These stones take modular shapes and get harmoniously embedded into one of the wall units. As if they were back in the place where they came from, it feels like that is where they have always belonged." - ciszak dalmas + matteo ferrari

Hampstead Mews House, London UK - Space + Matter

"SPACE+MATTER were appointed to fully refurbish a typical Victorian mews house in a conservation area in Hampstead, London. In reconfiguring and extending the existing ground floor, we created an open, flowing space with defined living, kitchen and dining areas that work well for a young family. Redesigning the layouts of the first and second floors also allowed for more practical access to each of the bedrooms. The garden was landscaped and transformed into a tranquil and spacious outdoor area that can be used for entertaining as well as providing a safe children's play area flowing directly from the house. Further outdoor space was created by the addition of a large, private roof terrace at first floor level overlooking the garden." - space+matter