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Pot Bellied Pig Cafe, Dublin Ireland - Kingston Lafferty Design

"The brief for this design was to create a fun, exciting and vibrant café space to tie in with the branding and name, and equally appeal to the broad demographic in the urban Rathmines area. The concept KLD presented was hugely inspired by the pig. A large part of the brief was that the business would be focused on catering to the young, professional, brunch market so the design required a cool aesthetic with maximum capacity for covers, providing both takeaway and eat in options, as well as an outdoor area to enjoy. The main challenge of this design was the small space and how to create multiple experiences within the one small space. The solution was clever zoning, identified by stark changes in materials. a particularly innovative design installation of tubed lighting was designed by KLD for the front, initial entrance part of the café. Texture and tactility were imperative to the overall design. KLD used a mix of tiles, brass, velvets, leather and lush planting for interest and excitement throughout. Nature and greenery were drawn in to enhance the palette of pink and green. The building’s limited natural light and a long orientation encouraged the design team to add a lot of mirror in order to bounce light and reflect the space, giving the illusion of a wider frame to the café. A mixture of velvet caged booths and green leather booths provide cosy seating and play on that idea of different experiences. Another side to creating different zones, related to the vast market in the area. Clientele was likely to be varied and so seating was design to cater for everyone from groups, couples, singles and families. The front tube installation was originally inspired by the pig, and specifically the pig’s snout. By grouping multiple tubes on the ceiling and adding lighting in these tubes (some in the shape akin to the pig’s curled tail) the brand was reinforced through the design. Undulated fire rated tubes were lined with a gradient of pink tones to draw the eye and lead customers into the main space, seeking to see more. The tube installation also serves the purpose of framing the coffee making process, enhancing the experience for the customer nipping quickly in for their morning coffee. Ultimately this design was a based on a youthful new business launching and making a name for itself in the area. It was an ambitious project in the highly competitive café/brunch market and the KLD team knew the importance of a strong design to help push the business and in offering something different and exciting in the market." - kingston lafferty design

Hotel Des Grands Boulevards, Paris France - Dorothee Meilichzon / Chzon

While The Grands Boulevards Were Still A Verdant Promenade And The French Revolution (1789) Was In Full Swing, This Hotel Particulier Was Erected. Three Centuries Later, Hotel Des Grands Boulevards Is Born. Its Rooms Are Play With The "Splendor" Of The Time: A Canopy Bed, Glass Cupboards And Red Marble Close To Louis XVI’s Heart - While Allying To A More Peasant Aesthetic : Old Linens, Coated Walls, Worn Wood Furniture, Bronze Sconces With Timeworn Patina. The Hotel, Between A Courtyard And Street, Is Accessible Once You Cross The Porch Of The Building. It’s A Hidden Cove, A Little Secret. It Is Home To A Large Restaurant Orchestrated By Giovanni Passerini, And A Small Cocktail Bar Dear To The Experimental Group. Also The Building Is Set Back From The Street, As Was Done At The Time, Which Gives Us Many Terraces And Courtyards To Meet: Outdoor Bar, Yoga Classes, Vegetation, Grills ... Indoor And Outdoor Spaces Mix! - dorothee meilichzon / chzon

Blushhh! Secret Shop, Kyiv Ukraine - AKZ Architectura

"Blushhh! secret shop, which is our new project, is an example of a bright concept put at the heart of a minimalist interior.  To land the main focus on retail, we designed a perimeter-wise path starting with the entrance on its right-hand side and aided by rails and steps with the assortment on them. Being a two-level solution, they have clothes on their upper and accessories and footwear on the lower level. Augmenting the whole spatial composition, the consumer area is equally divided into levels to sell accessories. The dynamic rhythm of lighting is reflected in the metal wall decor, making the inside seem more spacious." - AKZ architectura

Mr Hyde, Madrid Spain - Casa Josephine

"Between mathematics and metaphysics, that is the ground on which Casa Josephine has moved in her latest project, the headquarters of the advertising agency Mr. Hyde in Madrid. "It's a corner corner of a protected building from the beginning of the twentieth that, after many lives -from a bar to a motorcycle workshop-, little remained of its original appearance", explains Íñigo Aragón, founder of the studio with Pablo López. With the help of the brother of the first, the architect Rodrigo Aragón, they went to the Archive of the Villa to rescue the plans and discovered that the windows were wider, and that there were even two blinds to a patio. "We got a clear and bright space with a meeting room, another work presided over by an enormous maple table designed by Espacio Brut , another for presentations, an office and bathrooms", says Rodrigo. All this covered by a visual game of mosaic tiles , and separated by metallic curtains and walls. "We were inspired by the 80s but updating them, with postmodern arcs, primary colors, geometries ...", says Pablo. To this style they added his filias: the classic Italy, the pictures of Giorgio de Chirico and the surrealism. "With the hydraulics we composed a canvas on the floor that unites and separates the areas, and on the walls we draw trompe-l'oeil windows with shadows, so present in the works of the painter," they point out. The rest is completed with domestic touches, such as lamps of the seventies and new invoice created by them, midcentury ceramics, contemporary cabinetry or chairs by Achille Castiglioni ... It is proven, aesthetics favors creativity." - casa josephine / ad spain

Little Stories, Valencia Spain - Clap

"In March 2017, two partners came to CLAP with the desire to create a Shoes Concept Store exclusively for children. We started with a clear name, “Little Stories”, and the need to create a strong corporate identity, graphically, to create an interior design in accordance with it. After several workshops with the client, we came up with three key points that reflected the essence of Little Stories: game, simplicity and adaptability. For the creation of the corporate image we chose a friendly and simple sans serif typography. The corporate image was completed with a system of lines that helps to represent, articulate and express brand identity in different formats. CLAP’s goal was to create an experience for little ones. Every detail is designed to encourage imagination and play but at the same time to highlight the products on display. The interior of 70 square meters is an open space with large windows that make the interior feel like an enormous shopfront. The product exhibition is completely adaptable and allows a change of distribution thanks to the small movable stands on the floor and the magnetic metal plates on the walls. The corporate image of Little Stories accompanies the user from the exterior of the space to the interior, creating a constant game for the little ones and clearing the space for the products to be proudly showcased." - clap

Henrietta Hotel, London UK - Dorothee Meilichzon / Chzon

"Henrietta Hotel Is My First Hotel In London, But Fourth Project In London With The Experimental Group.  18 Rooms Hotel + Restaurant By Chef Ollie Dabbous.  My First Inspiration For The Hotel Was The Street Itself  ! I Always Try To Start From The Neighborhood. On Henrietta St, Buildings Are Very Traditional : Flat But With All Kind Of Roof Shapes And Windows Ornementations, Very Rich And Different From Each Other. It Reminded Me Of The Antique Ornementations : Arches, Capitals, Bas-Relief... And Also All Those Amazing Door Frames We Can Find In Apartments In Milan. Following This Inspiration I Have Designed Gigantic Bed Heads, Conceived As A Bas Relief With A Mix Of Elements : Mirror, Fabric Panels With Fabrics From Rubelli, Hand Painted Patterns... All Assembled By Hand. Also All Doors Have Capitals On Top, And A Glass Capital Btw Bathroom And Room. For The Rooms Carpet I Have Designed A Pattern Inspired By The Shape Of The "Mosaïque Casson", And All Skirting Are In White Carrara Marble. There Are Four Different Harmonies Of Colors To Make The 18 Rooms All Different ! Bed Side Lights Are In Brass And Very High, Sealed In The Bed Side Table. And As I Usually Mix Elements And Styles, I Have Taken Elements From The 70'S And Designed A Little Armchair Inspired By Pierre Paulin's Work And Have Used Some Brushed Aluminium Elements. For The Bathroom The Basins Area Have Been Conceived As A Fountain : Two Large Pieces Of Granit At 90°, With A Shape Inspired By The Shape Of One Of Henrietta Street Building And Where The Large Mirror Sits. Floor Is More Traditional With Black And White Octogonal Tiles And Cabochons." - dorothee meilichzon