Klang + Co, Melbourne Australia - PNEUarch

"The Klang & Co. conceptual design pivots around a desire to combine the tactility of the experience of dining with the contextual quality of Malaysia Klang Depot, which is the provenance of the restaurant culture. The design draws inspiration from Heston's dish 'Sound of the sea', the dish composes the sound of sea wave audible through magnifying the echoes within the sea shell and the olfactory experience of smelling the sea water, Heston aims to heighten the senses associated with dining in order to enhance the innate quality of the ingredients. Our design deploys elements which invoke sensual responses and contextual association, the crane structure overhead adds visual potency to the dining environment, it reflects the industrial oil processing which is essential to Klang's economic boom, the artificial identity of the crane is counterpoised by the suspended tables, translucent screen wall which signify sea bubble and the sea; and level of bright glimpse effect throughout the spatial arrangement, embodied the illumination atmosphere of the Klang depot’s night life . Deliberately designed elements permeate the restaurant to embellish the overall setting just as sea lives dwell in the sea. The restaurant layout celebrates the coastal industrial process of on and offloading cargo containers, a parallel can be drawn with the on and offloading of pre-packaged food, just like modern craft no longer limits itself to handmade goods and is continuously expanding its possibilities through machine processing, the craftsmanship of takeaway food can inherit authenticity and quality without compromising the effectiveness of its distribution." - pneuarch

Hidden Tints, Stockholm Sweden - Note Design Studio

"An office space – an apartment without either bathrooms, kitchen or storage – the former head office of a fashion brand in the center of Stockholm and a client that hoped to transform it into a home. Traces of the old 19th century splendour were there – worn wooden floors and ornaments in the form of stucco and carpentry as well as three old tiled ovens – but all those beautiful, old characteristics were painted in thick layers of white color with modern spotlights in all ceilings, which reinforced the feeling of an impersonal office. We noted the colours of the three tiled ovens; green, pink and a yellowish white. Behind a wall that was torn down to access the old piping, we found original 19th century paint on a door frame, suddenly illuminating the entire white space with its powerful mustard yellow tint. We added tones to the original color scale, which worked as a bridge between the powerful original hues, finally ending up with an 8-tone palette that originated from the hidden traces of the old apartment. Two new walls were added and they inherited the same markings as the cabinets – a veneered surface with crossing lines in squares taken from the most beautiful pattern in the apartment; an original parquet in one of the corner rooms. A color palette based on original colours, three expressive tiled ovens, decorations in ceilings and carpentry and an original pattern from a floor – these old traits and peculiarities were the clues we needed to take a white office space into a contemporary direction. The result is a harmonious but rich color experience – inspired by the original splendour – and a new home for our client and his children." - note design studio

Pure HQ, Lisbon Portugal - Sílvia Rocio, Mariana Póvoa + Esse Studio

"The new headquarters for PURE Lisbon is located on a reference building of the city facing one of its courtyards. A home feeling, creative, flexible and versatile space, was the starting point presented by the client for the genesis of this office.Approaching the theme of voyeurism, associated to the metier of the company, and in order to create spaces that could be used in continuity or alternate association of different zones, the structuring element of the project came into scene: the curtains. The introduction of the curtains allows the functional organisation, defining different environments, within an area of only 60 sqm. In addition to the curtain themed option, this element allows to feel the whole space or divide it into the predefined programmatic spaces: work area, meeting room, lounge and kitchenette. The easy space mutation offers a dynamic way of inhabiting the office, valuing the connection with the outside in a free visual relation. The presence of a mirror wall enhances and brings natural light and the green of the pleasant courtyard garden to the interior. The pre-existing elements were adapted and integrated in the design in order to have a cohesion of the space. The copper window frames give the motto for the color of the curtains. The birch plywood that defines, encloses and coats the volume of the new bathroom and kitchenette, also gives body to the designed furniture. Colours, materials and selected lighting and furniture, seek compliance with the concept of “home” and with the graphic image of the company PURE, creating a cohesive space, of strong and unique language." - sílvia rocio, mariana póvoa + esse studio

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Yafo Houmous Deli, Paris France - Studio Sur Rue

"A noon canteen with soft pastel tones, pink paint, white tile 10 x 10 cm on walls and on tables, contrasted by terracotta colored joints. This Mediterranean "joyeux bordel" embedded with its Millenium pink is discovered after having crossed the door of the facade, deep green. This green and pink duo is found inside, followed by an ultra-matt, khaki-colored concrete. The little touces? Indian warehouses made of aluminum, inside of which, like a grocery store, are stored plates, jars of preserved lemons, chickpeas, bottles of rose water, books of Israeli cooking, etc. Fiberglass-colored trays from Merci, on which we have lunch, and nice mismatched covers from silverware services chipped through the flea markets." - studio sur rue

Neometro Jewell Station Display Suite, Melbourne Australia - Clare Cousins

"CCA has designed the display suite and apartment interiors for Neometro's Jewell Station development." - clare cousins

Fitzroy Residence, Melbourne Australia - Doherty Design Studio + Inarc Architects

"This newly built three-level terrace in Fitzroy by Inarc Architects was designed for a couple downsizing from their family home in Kew. Doherty Design Studio was tasked with the complete interior planning – design and furniture selection – to create a luxurious inner city retreat. Light, a strong emphasis on entertaining and a connection to the garden and outdoors was important. The interior resolution successfully melds the bold rectilinear form of the architecture through a refined play of materials, textures and forms. Muted earthy colours, custom joinery and bespoke detailing provide continuity while ensuring each space has its own identity." - doherty design studio

Apartment Gregory, Sydney Australia - Tribe Studio Architecture

"A beachside interior to balance ocean views with inner space. In the reconfigured plan, joinery and sliding doors open and conceal zones and sight lines. Materials are elemental, with mirrors to amplify spaces and sky." - tribe studio architects

Hotel Barceló Torre De Madrid, Madrid Spain - Hayon Studio

Jaime Hayon has accomplished many things in his career, creating products, art and interiors that have firmly established him as world class talent but with the opening of the new Hotel Torre Madrid, he opens a new personal chapter. As a native Madrileño the chance to create something unique for the Barceló Hotel group in one of the city’s most iconic buildings was an opportunity to bring his signature talents to his hometown. “I was fully dedicated to the creation of a very special and unique space that would represent a new vision of Spain, a vision far from the traditional aesthetic , aside from being my hometown, for me Madrid represents Spain’s diversity and richness.” Steeped in Spanish historical and cultural references, Hayon takes us on a visual journey through Spain’s past, mixing architectural details that evoke Roman arches and rich, jewel like tones and finishes reminiscent of the Arabic and Moorish influences that have helped create the beauty of Spain. The influences of the past are matched by an elegant design that unifies historic grandeur with a modern approach, amplifying the natural light and filling each space with some of the finest European brands of furniture, perfectly lit and furnished in a palette of colours that reflect the richness and warmth of Spain itself. In the Torre Madrid, Hayon has created a magical space that will undoubtedly become a destination not just for visitors but for the people of Madrid. This is a hotel that sits perfectly in a city that is home to the Prado, a museum level quality of materials and finishes combined with Hayon’s clever and thoughtful design brings a luxurious glamour to this iconic building at the very heart of the city. Entering the lobby, you are greeted by an enormous sculpture of a bear, zebra striped in pattern and tipping his large brass top hat in welcome, a wonderfully surreal nod to the coat of arms of the city of Madrid but also uniquely Hayon in its joyful, energy and sophisticated execution. This playful but imposing entrance sets the tone throughout, luxurious golden glazed ceramics, hang above the stunning Garra bar which features possibly the tallest drinks cabinet in the city, a cosmopolitan space of Romanesque arches, looking out to the city through windows that feature emblems of Spanish culture rendered as brass drawings. Throughout the hotel, small sculptures, masks, multiple characters from the vivid imagination of Hayon populate the public spaces and hallways. Each unique detail, lends the ambience of a boutique hotel but carried out on a scale across nine floors that only a truly grand hotel can provide. The framed artwork on display was commissioned from the photographers Klunderbie who taking their cue from Hayon’s desire to showcase the richness and diversity of Spanish culture have created a series that combines deeply Spanish subjects; the bullfighter, the flamenco dress, palm trees, a variety of cultural icons and emblems with their unique painterly approach to make work that feels both exuberant and classically restrained, stark in beauty and rich in detail , the perfect complement to Hayon’s design. The furnishings and light fixture are the result of the many fruitful collaborations that Jaime has worked on in the last decade with some of Europe’s finest furniture brands and design houses. The rooms are furnished with pieces by Fritz Hansen, &Tradition, Gubi,  Arflex, Cassina, BD Barcelona, Parachilna lamps and more, each piece part of a unified design language that involved many expert craftsmen to bring to fruition this dazzling interior. Every corner of the hotel has been thoughtfully designed to create vignettes that balance a sophisticated aesthetic with comfort and luxury. The curves of the sofa and chairs, the subtly elegant lighting,  the sumptuousness of the colours, the wit and humour of the decorative details, across the hotelHayon’s trademark ingenuity is on display at its most effective and appealing heights. Since its construction in 1957, the Tower of Madrid has been a symbol of modern Madrid with 142 meters of height and its 34 floors. And now, with the opening of the Torre Madrid hotel across nine of those floors it boasts an interior that fully reflects its grandeur and location. With the completion of this ambitious design Hayon has given his hometown the ultimate compliment, a beautiful, unique space that pays homage to the wonder that is Madrid, creating a hotel to match the glamour of any of the grand cities of Europe." - hayon studio

13m2 House, London UK - Studio Mama

"Interior scheme into an unusual existing building in the heart of north London that measures just 13 sq metre’s. Each unit hosts a different function, including a bed, a work space, lounge seats, a kitchen, bathroom, closet storage and dining area.  Sliding doors tinted in pastel tones of yellow, pink and blue cover shelving. Each of the differently sized cabinets are intended for a specific use, including storing a sewing machine, games, spice jars, wine and books. One of the doors opens to the small desk, which pulls out from the cabinet to allow for working standing up. A laptop is stored above and technical equipment below. We have created integrated storage and seating elements which have discreet dual functions and can easily extend to add extra surfaces for seating or working. We wanted to get the space to work intuitively, without too many electronic or hidden functions." The bed, which is placed at the narrowest end of the triangular shaped room. It folds up when not in used to create extra space and folds down to reveal two thin bookshelves and a bedside table. The kitchen occupies the other end of the space where the small entrance hall is flanked by two tall cabinets. Behind this wall is the bathroom – the only separated room in the house. We see the issues of how to live in a compact living space to be of growing importance, especially given the trends towards urbanisation and rise of megacities and wanted to use the project to pose a question about what are the things that we really need to live comfortably." - studio mama