Las Chicas Los Chicos Y Los Maniquis, Madrid Spain - El Equipo Creativo

"A carefree atmosphere with a distinctly colorful character employing large graphic elements of color with references to the ”Movida Madrileña” and the visual universe created by Almodovar. The main characters of this colorful universe are the two large red bars presiding over the two rooms. All morning they function as buffet tables for breakfast and as snack and beer bars -- in the purest Madrid style -- during the remainder of the day. Another important element of the popular culture of Madrid are the classic neighborhood stores with their large window advertisements, attractive names and incredible offers. Sashes, hats and elaborate mannequins fill some of the scarce shop windows still left in this part of the city. Strange as it may seem, Atocha Street has managed to keep intact some of its more classic shops, to which our design wanted to pay sincere homage filling the space with large luminous posters with attractive commercial names." - el equipo creativo

The Felix Hotel, Sydney Australia - Space Control

"Space Control Design have chosen an Australian version of the ‘mid-century modern’ theme for the interior design of The Felix Hotel at Sydney Airport. The 150 room hotel has inverted the idea of the ‘lobby in the ground foyer’ and so has created a double height glazed penthouse reminiscent of New York’s ‘Boom Boom Room’ overlooking the private jet section of Sydney’s International Airport. The Penthouse check-in area is a breezy modern space rivalling LA’s Standard Hotel franchise. It also serves as a bar, lounge area, conference rooms and outdoor cinema space complete with a gold tiled fireplace. Space Control Design have deliberately chosen a colour palette and furniture selection of copper, pink, green and powder blue referencing the mid-century aesthetic of yesteryear. All rooms have built-in furniture pieces made of compact laminate and steel, custom design pieces including handmade copper light shades evocative of the fifties era and one-off room colourful perspex artwork. We collaborated with fabric designer Kerrie Brown’s to create retro inspired fabric designs and prints for the use in luxurious curtains and cushions throughout the hotel fitout. We also commissioned a series of works depicting Australian legend Ned Kelly from our generation’s answer to Sydney Nolan - Peter Bainbridge. His oversized work on a tri-vison screen punctuates the penthouse lobby. Although Australian-centric The Felix Hotel has a distinct international flavour. It is more than bricks and mortar - it is a successful collaboration with this country’s best designers, artists and artisans. I wanted to create an Australian hotel for travellers from all around the world who could enjoy a slice of Australian design." - space control

Rachel Castle Home, Sydney Australia - Rachel Castle + The Design Files

"Artist and designer Rachel Castle and her family have lived in their much loved Northbridge home for the past 10 years. The essential criteria for buying the house were ‘privacy, great light, and a living area that opened onto a level backyard’ and this property delivered on all fronts. The Castles have since fully nestled into their local neighbourhood – where neighbours have become best friends, and children have grown up together. ‘We are our own little suburban Ramsay Street!’ Rachel describes. Over the past decade, the family has transformed their home, through the layering of Rachel’s bright and cheerful soft furnishings and artwork, as well as through major renovations. After some frustrating false starts with the bureaucracy of planning permits (grrrr), plans for an upstairs renovation were flipped, when approval was instead granted for ground floor works to proceed. Rachel explains that after this process, ‘we were so reno weary, we just left the upstairs in the end.’ While council restrictions limited a large-scale transformation of the site, no administrative red tape could dampen the energy of Rachel’s distinct aesthetic! She views her style as ‘laissez faire’ as she loves ‘too many different things to have a proper style.’ Hilariously, she proclaims ‘I love so much those houses that are highly curated and so easy to find a quiet spot in, I would love to live in one, but I would have to burn everything we own in a bonfire and start again.’ PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS RACHEL! Rachel’s styling approach is simple: ‘sticking all of the things I like in the one spot’ and collecting art that she truly loves. She outlines this straightforward approach succinctly, ‘I never sell anything, so my one rule is just to love it there and then on the spot and commit to it.’ This has resulted in walls laden with beloved artworks, and a house which truly communicates the passions of its owners. While Rachel’s self-described ‘lazy’ style has organically led to the relaxed, bright and cheerful feeling of the space, she is eager to highlight the contributions of interior designer Tina De Salis, too. Rachel enthuses, ‘the house would never have looked half as good without my interior designer’ who specified all of the cabinetry,  windows and doors, all of the fittings. ‘Even though I knew what I wanted, she was KEY to getting all of the details right’ Rachel emphatically concludes, adding ‘my one piece of advice is to invest in the service of a good interior designer.’ If we have any chance of ever occupying a house as beautiful as this, we’ll be following this sage advice!" - the design files

Confetti Collection For Design By Them - GibsonKarlo

"The Confetti range celebrates the beauty of 100% recycled plastic in a vibrant collection that balances refined forms with bold textures. Every Confetti piece comes with its own story. Each product is unique with no two products alike." - design by them + gibsonkarlo

Matcha-ya Darling Square, Sydney Australia - McCartney Design

"A completely new brand and hospitality space, from brand identity to the design of the cafe and retail areas. In the heart of the vibrant new development Darling Square, Sydney, Match-Ya pops with a fresh & youthful Japanese inspired design, giving customers that ‘Instagram moment’. Each stage of the project was a true collaboration with our client, resulting in a perfect blend of food innovation, Japanese tradition and a splash of contemporary Australian flair. The food presentation is designed to be Instagrammable, as are the table tops, floor tiles and the recognisable backdrop of timber panelling and custom lighting." - mccartney design

North Perth Apartment , Perth Australia - Simon Pendal Architect

"Located at the end of a 1990s reproduction Georgian Mews in North Perth, this renovation reimagines a two storey townhouse interior and a modest, high walled north-facing brick courtyard. The new interior was developed on two principal fronts, firstly to accept and occasionally embellish the decorative parts of the original interior – ornate skirtings, ceiling roses, cornices and plasterwork – and treat each of the spaces as ‘castings’, and secondly to intensify these ‘cast’ spaces through the use of a single colour per room on floors, walls and ceilings. Diaphanous linen curtains have been added to all external windows and openings allowing the harsh light of Perth to be tempered and in certain rooms become almost fog-like. Key moments of top light are introduced and transitions between rooms are amplified by vivid colour change. Immersion within the coloured rooms (white for bedrooms, emerald green for the kitchen, black within niche spaces and the dressing room and Prussian blue for the upper sitting room) suspends people and things, orchestrates a powerful sequence from one space to the next and correlates to a specific atmosphere with each room’s intended use. The courtyard was emptied-out and re-clarified as a high-walled brick room addressing the dining room, kitchen and sky. A new brick floor with crushed fines border was introduced. Ficus Pimula has been extensively planted around its perimeter so that in time its walls will be awash in soft green foliage." - simon pendal architect

Superbaba, Victoria British Columbia - Studio Roslyn

"When Kate Snyder and Jessica MacDonald of Studio Roslyn were hired by the four owners of Superbaba, a high quality, quick-service Middle Eastern restaurant in Victoria, BC, they were charged with bridging the two worlds in a space that was at once comfortable and yet intriguing. The result is a quirky casual destination that is filled with retro references and plenty of modern attitude. Upon entering Superbaba, patrons first notice the contemporary color scheme and midcentury touches running throughout; similar to those that could be found in an old-fashioned Diner which sees varying shades of pink, green and blue are accented with blacks and whites and clean, geometric lines and curves create a flow as well as delineate spaces. Meanwhile, a warm lighting is cast thanks to both the wide window wall at the front of the restaurant, as well as from the globe lamps of varying sizes and lengths hanging from the high ceiling. Middle Easter elements also abound, starting with "The Dallah Menu" which is based on archive dishes from the Lebanese family's history. The designers wanted to strongly tie into the aesthetic typically found in Middle Easter eateries but give it a fresh, exciting twist, hence, elements such as the over-saturated food photography usually on show in donair shops have been updated and given a "surrealist" twist by humorously incorporating people engaging with the food. Neon signage and light boxes are also elements incorporated from the Middle East that give a fun note to the interiors. The blue speckled quartzite used for the countertops, warm wood of the shelves and millwork, as well as the potted plants used throughout, come from what is definitely the most unlikely design inspiration the designers were given: "Details found in every grandmother's home in Lebanon." And yet, the comfortable, homey result is definitely one that meets the mark, both for the family that owns the restaurant as well as for the people they serve. It's a welcoming atmosphere that perfectly accents the warmth and spice of the menu, bridging the old and the new." - yatzer / studio roslyn

Soft Touch, Medellin Colombia - Plasma Node

"Traditional ice cream shop, the house of ice cream, a trip of flavor, a journey in time to a place and a time in the that the moments are unforgettable. Traditional ice cream shop, the house of ice cream, a journey full of flavor, a journey to a place and a time where the moments are memorable." - plasma node

Fruit Salad Tile Collection For Juju Papers - Avery Thatcher

"Fruit Salad is made up of two different but related tile designs that are available in two different color combos. They are installed in a randomly mixed and rotating fashion to achieve a completely tossed and random repeating pattern." - juju papers + avery thatcher

Sneaker District Kloosterstraat, Antwerp Belgium - Barde + Vanvoltt

"We were asked to take full creative lead in designing Sneaker District’s second physical store. This included signage, interior and exterior design, lighting, product display, bespoke furniture and storage. For the design of Sneaker District Antwerp, we were inspired by sneaker design, the neighborhood and how sneakers are made. This resulted in a stand-out store showcasing a strong dark grey base on top of a concrete floor combining color, different materials, a touch of nature and some savvy street styles." - barde + vanvoltt